Glambot Review

High-end makeup for less buckage?  Yes, please.

Glambot is “used”  makeup site that sells high-end (Tom Ford, Chanel), mid-range (Benefit, Nars), and indie (Lime Crime, OCC) products.  If you are concerned about the safety and quality of “used” makeup, fear not.  In my opinion, Glambot is the most reliable site on which to shop.

This site is not a direct seller site, like eBay, Makeup Addict Blog Sales (MUABS), or Poshmark.  Those sites allow sellers to create profiles and sell directly to consumers using the site as a way to connect.  Sellers on those sites set prices and send products to consumers.  I have had many successful purchases on those sites.  There is nothing wrong with them.  However, Glambot is different because it provides an extra layer of protection between you and seller.

Sellers on Glambot send in products to be inspected, sanitized, publicized, and mailed by people at Glambot.  In effect, buyers purchase from Glambot, not the seller.  Buyers are protected by this process and receive clean, inspected, and sealed makeup.


Glambot also does not accept items like mascara or liquid lipsticks if they have been opened already.  Those products are new if sold on the site.  Items are marked new on the listing if you want to stick with completely unused items.

Sanitizing Makeup

Glambot’s site has a video posted about how they choose to accept or reject makeup and how they clean and sanitize it.

They also post blogs on Tumblr called Fakey Friday, if you are curious as to how they know the difference between authentic and fake makeup.

Trade-Offs for Makeup Sellers

The trade-off for sellers is that Glambot offers those who send in makeup a particular price and sellers have to take it or leave it.  Sellers on other sites are free to set their own prices and negotiate deals.  Some sites allow trades as well.  Some sellers have been disappointed by Glambot’s financial offers and the lack of control over the situation.  Also, Glambot doesn’t sell drugstore or Target companies, like Maybelline, NYX, or Flower and some indie companies are not on their list either.  Sellers might like the freedom of MUABS to sell drugstore products

However, Glambot customers, such as myself, like the safety of this site.  Glambot does not fail to send items.  Sometimes sellers on other sites are slow to send products or don’t send them at all.  I have registered complaints through PayPal to receive some of my purchases, which is not how I want to spend my time.  Glambot has been slow to ship at times, truthfully, but I have always received what I ordered.

Trade-Offs for Makeup Buyers

The trade-off for Glambot customers is that prices may higher than other used markets and there is no negotiation or trading between sellers and buyers.  Price reductions do happen on Glambot and there are sales and price cuts on shipping.  Customers might have to wait to see if Glambot drops the price of an item–and risk losing it if someone else buys it.  Current popular items are not usually discounted much.

Buyers also do not see pictures of sellers’ products in the listing.  Pictures are stock photos and do not offer much information about the item.  I have to search product websites for information on color selection or performance.  That is an extra step in the process.


That being said, though, the items I’ve ordered have been clean, sealed, and sanitized.  Most look new or barely swatched.  I will pay a higher price for reliability.

I also receive rewards, called Glambucks, that count toward later purchases.  Glambot offers lots of deals every week through email.  There are plenty of discount codes and shipping deals to find.  I sometimes fill up a cart bit by bit and find a deal before purchasing.  A word of warning, though:  if the item is popular, don’t wait.  Or if you really can’t live without it, grab it so you don’t lose it.

Why Buy From Glambot?  Why Not New?

Some of Glambot’s products are definitely not worth the price.  Sometimes the price is only lowered by a dollar or two.  In those instances, you may want to just buy the item new and save money in another way.  You can rack up points through Sephora, Ulta, or Ebates just as easily.

Glambot is great for other purchases, such as limited edition products, brushes, ride-or-die items you need to back up, high-end products you want to try for fun, practice or comparison items, older popular products, and staples.  Also, if you watch the site, you can find deals and items will be discounted regularly.

Limited Edition


You may be able to purchase limited edition items no longer available.  These products will likely not be discounted much and will be sold out quickly.  I check the site almost daily if I’m looking for something limited edition.  You may not find the latest and most popular items coming through…like the Jacyln Hill x Morphe palette or KKW contour sticks.  Those are often too new to hit Glambot and would not last long on the site.  I was interested in grabbing the earlier Jacyln Hill collab with Morphe and found it within a week or two of monitoring the site.  I also found Laura Lee’s collab with Violet Voss, which I wanted to purchase as well.  Neither palette was hugely discounted but I was willing to buy them since they were limited edition.



Glambot has great deals on brushes, both high-end and moderate.  I purchased Morphe brushes for less than offered on the regular website.  I grabbed Mac brushes on sale and others that looked good for my collection.  For someone new to brush usage in makeup, these deals can save you money and allow you to try higher-end brushes.  Kathleen Lights mentioned two brushes she liked to use for blush and highlight in a video last spring.  She talked about how they were both limited edition and no longer available.  I paused her video and popped onto Glambot.  Both were there if I wanted to purchase them and try them out myself.

I can clean and sanitize brushes myself and have zero worries about them being used.  Frankly, they look newer than those I received from MUABS.


Ride-or-Die Back-Ups

I live in fear sometimes…that something I love will be discontinued.  Like, for example, Benefit’s Dandelion blush.  I love that pretty ballerina pink blush.  I hit pan on one already and am half way through another.  I got a back-up on Glambot.  Yes, I did.  Just in  case I want to take it with me somewhere and leave it behind.  Just in case Benefit loses their mind and stops making it in Dandelion and somehow there’s an apocalypse and no stores have it any more.  I don’t know.  But this blush comes through Glambot every couple of months and I’m always tempted to stockpile it.  Same for a couple of other items.  I got two more Jeffree Star liquid lippies in Celebrity Skin, too.  What is wrong with me?

If your ride-or-die is too popular, this strategy may not work.  But for me, it’s fine.

Fun High-End Products

Every time an influencer tries a WTF item or raves about something that costs $100 a jar, I want to try it immediately.  I don’t because I don’t have that kind of money, but I want to… Some of these high-end whatevers pop up on Glambot for half price.  It might be half-used, but if I’m interested enough, I might go for it.  I wanted to see what Tom Ford’s $50 lipststick was all about.  I was, with Glambucks and free shipping, willing to test it for $20.  Some companies don’t have many sales, like GlamGlow, so finding an expensive skin treatment for less is a good way to see if you want to spend the cash.  (Obviously, testers or samples are free, but I usually have to use a product more than once to see if it will work.)



Practice or Comparison Items

Sometimes I am interested in trying out a few different kinds of the same product, like powders or blushes, and may grab a couple of different brands used to swatch or play with.  Again, you can do this with samples and testers, if you prefer.  I prefer to test products under different conditions with certain foundations, etc.  I can save a little money and have more than a sample of the product to play with.  New makeup artists can also employ this strategy without a lot of cost.

Older Popular Products


Some products that were super-popular a year ago can be found on Glambot.  If you didn’t get a chance to snag them then and you are still interested, sometimes you can find them.  Like the limited edition products, items that were popular sometimes appear on Glambot.  I remember wanting to purchase the entire Too Faced Melted Chocolate collection when it launched.  It was sold out everywhere for a while.  Then it was restocked at full price and I had to limit myself to choosing two of them because they were expensive for me.  In recent months, Glambot has had most of the colors in stock.  Makeup companies create shortages and buzz to sell products, of course, but if you are willing to wait, you may find it cheaper.   Or, if you wanted to complete a collection for less, you might check Glambot and see if it’s there.


Glambot regularly carries primers for less, setting powders, banana powders, concealers, blushes, lip liners, eyeliners, single shadows, highlighters, contour of all kinds, foundations, brow products, and other staples.  Mascara and liquid lipsticks are harder to find, but there are a few listed.  You can choose from high-end or mid-range for any of these products.  They have Mac, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, and indie companies like Ofra Cosmetics, OCC, Dose of Colors, Makeup Geek, Colourpop, etc.  They continue to add to the list.


I always buy Mac paint pots for less on Glambot.  It’s just so easy and cheap.  Every single one I’ve gotten has looked completely untouched.


I am a big fan of Glambot.  I have found great deals and easy shopping, particularly if I check the site regularly.  I have not been disappointed.

NOTE:  I’m new to the world of codes and affiliates, so bear with me until I learn more.  I have offered the following links with my affiliate code, if you would care to purchase these items.  However, Glambot has a quick turnover, so no guarantees these items will still be available.  Let me know if you have suggestions as to ways to use codes and all that…

Recent Finds

Marc Jacobs Eyeliner

Marc Jacobs Highligher Gel Crayon in (Luna) Tic $5.00

Tarte Eye Shadow

Tarte Waterproof Eye Shadow Stick in Copper $3.00

Bobbi Brown Matte Lip Color

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color Lipstick in True Pink 4 $5.20

Tom Ford Blush

Tom Ford Cream Cheek Color Blush in Pink Sand 01 $32.50






Old Gold

This is a summer of gold!

I love gold in the summer.  I can be bronze gold, green gold, yellow gold, or cooler white gold.  A wash of gold looks good with minimal makeup and just adds a little shine to a hot day or warm night.

So last December, I jumped on the golden lip bandwagon with Bite Beauty’s Creme Lip Gloss in Gold.  I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.


I usually want to wear gold for the winter holidays for warmth and glad tidings.  But this color didn’t work with my skin tone and it seemed too thick and sticky in the winter.  I didn’t consider it a lip topper at the time and really couldn’t see how to use it.  So I put it aside, especially after the holidays had come and gone.

Then when spring came this year, I was thinking about gold glosses and lip toppers and lipsticks of all sorts that were considered “gold” in one way or another.  Gilded, golden, anything like that.  Companies were launching bronzers and golden tan products.

As I said, I love golden summertime looks.  I dyed my hair blonde and started looking at gold makeup to complete my look.

I found two golden lipsticks from higher-end brands on Glambot, a used makeup site that I haunt frequently.  The Tom Ford lipstick was 1/2 price, so it was only $25.  Same with the Burberry.  I looked at them for about two weeks on the website and finally decided to buy them.

Tom Ford’s is a lip shimmer called Solar Gold 02.  Love that name.  The Burberry is a lip mist, which is an interesting idea, and is called Gold No. 217.  (I should be thankful I could read the bottom of the Burberry lipstick.   The writing is tiny and my eyes ain’t what they used to be.)  The two look very different, though.  Neither are opaque.  Neither have much pigment, relying primarily on shine to impart a sense of “gold.”


Here I’m wearing the Tom Ford Solar Gold.  Mostly shine.


The other one is about the same.


Ok. Not exactly what I was looking for in my summer of gold.

Next, I grabbed a gold lippie from Mac also on Glambot.  It’s a metallic called Digging for Gold.  (Pardon the blurry picture with the other two.  My camera was being ridiculous.) It’s more opaque than the others but still doesn’t have a lot of pigment.


The above three swatched on my pale-ass, old lady arm.  Top is Tom Ford, next is Mac, and finally Burberry.


They work best with a no-makeup makeup look, like the one I did for my husband’s birthday party.


Unless you want to wear them as a glossy topper for another color, but without much gold pigment or shimmer or flecks or glitter, these three impart little goldness.  Goldy-ness?

Sometimes…no, make that “usually,” I am looking for GOLD.  BIG GOLD!  Gold summertime eyes, lips, highlight.  Gold shimmer everywhere.  If we are going to wear gold, let’s wear GOLD.

And if you think you can’t wear it, don’t worry.  Yes, you can.

I did some golden homework to see what would work best–at least on my skin tone with my lovely Full Bloom, textured skin.  Feel free to modify any advice herein.

I revisited the Bite Beauty lip gloss.  I decided I could make it work.  I had to sheer it down, though, because it pulled so darn yellow on me, which made my teeth look strange.  (I didn’t even take a photo! Yikes.)  I mixed the Tom Ford with the gloss and found a nice combo.


Next up, I was looking for some good golden eyes.  Nope, no contacts to turn my brown eyes gold.  Eye shadow is what I had in mind.

Here I used a combo of browns, bronzes, and golds mainly from Colourpop.  I used Kathleen Lights Super Shock Shadow–a bronzy gold–and Nillionaire, which is an awesome shimmery gold.  It isn’t too hard to find great gold shadows.  20170610_141155Even glittery or shimmery shadows can work on older eyelids.  If you are concerned about wrinkles or texture, you can just use a spot of gold on the center of the lid or at the brow bone.  More or less, whatever your preference.  My preference is glowing to the skies and not giving a damn about texture.


Below is a monochromatic yellow gold eye look with a muted lip.  This look comes from Lorac’s Unzipped Gold palette.  Lorac’s palette has lovely, buttery bronze and gold shades to try.

This picture is from last golden summer.  I was concerned about mixing gold with grey hair, but I was pleased with the result, since the gold created a vivid contrast to the grey.  It’s a versatile color and can work on many skin tones.

tumblr_o85qepsCyV1v3qxxeo5_1280 (1)

I played with bronzers and highlighters for more golden summer looks.  As stated before, I am not concerned too much about texture or wrinkles.  I don’t mind showing off my “Full Bloom” face.  I don’t care if the bronzers or highlighters emphasize my age.  I’m completely fine with my age and my skin.  I am lived in.



Feel free to highlight to heaven.  Here, I’m using my very favorite Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne Pop.  The highlight is popping!  I added some Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Celestial as a base for the Champagne Pop.  Great glowy combination.



One of my very favorite lip colors for summer is bronze gold.  I’m wearing it in the picture above with my sparkling highlight.  Below are two favorites, Milani Amore Metallics Lip Creme in Chromatic Addict and Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lip in Pussywhipped.  Both have long-lasting, creamy, comfortable formulas.  Both dry down completely and are transfer-proof.


Below, I’m wearing Milani Chromatic Addict along with the Lorac Unzipped Gold palette.  I love this bronze-gold look.


Gold pairs well with other colors, too.  I experimented with rose-gold, green-gold, and purple-gold pairings, focusing on lip colors since that’s what I found in my collection.  Apparently, I like those colors…

Rose-gold has been very popular recently, and though I love the color, only specific rose-golds look good on me.


Lime Crime’s Happi is one I can wear.  I haven’t found too many others that fit with my complexion.


Green-gold is a fun dramatic look.  It might not work for every day, especially a green-gold lip.  But Ofra has a wearable bronze-gold-green lip color called Emerald City.  I wore it repeatedly to work and felt totally comfortable wearing it.  The Lip Tar by OCC Cosmetics in Derelict is too dramatic for me to wear every day.  But it is so pretty I want to wear it for an evening out, if I can stay awake that long.


I paired the two for a softer green-gold.IMG_20170609_111209_002


The combination of the Ofra Emerald City and Lip Tar in Derelict created this dark bronze that I would wear for a special occasion.

Purple and gold might seem like an odd combination, but they are two of my favorite colors.  Those were my colors when I got married.  I didn’t have any of the wonderful lip or eye products featured today back then.  I contented myself with purple and gold nail polish, which was fancy enough at the time.  I had rarely seen a true gold nail polish.

These days, with so many metallic lip and eye colors, gold and purple combinations abound.  Jeffree Star and Ofra have two nice metallic purples in No Tea, No Shade and Fantasia.




I also used Colourpop’s Nillionaire and Jeffree Star’s Beauty Killer palette for my eyes in these photos.

And last but not least, my golden summer includes a golden mani with a green accent nail on a purple background with gold trees!  I’m nothing if not completely color-matched.


I do believe that we at any age can wear gold either as a holiday color, or in my case, as a summer color.  In this post, I barely scratched the gilded surface of golden possibilities.  Every day, companies develop and launch new versions of this versatile color, some more shimmery, some less dramatic.  Lots of options exist and experimentation is always available.  Glambot sells used, sanitized makeup to try out for less cash and you can sell to them if you have makeup you don’t love.  Or if you buy something new and it doesn’t work, mix it, like I did with the Bite Beauty lip gloss.

Never say you are too old for gold.  Old gold is the best gold.

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